Your lab generates 10x more CO2 than a typical office building.
But it doesn't have to.

Learn how to save the world while you're saving the world. It's free.

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Energy Efficient Practices

We evaluate each lab’s processes to custom design the best energy efficiencies to employ in their lab.

Water Conservation

From of aerators to reduce water flow to using water-efficient autoclaves & glass washers, small savings add up.

Green Chemistry

We have partnered with many green chemistry providers so that our clients have the most up to date access to the most modern chemical catalogs.

Recycling & Waste Reduction

We connect you with premier recycling partners for your unique workflow, reducing costs and waste.

Green Behavior

Often, saving money is just about changing behaviors. We create a customized training plan that fits with your research, culture, and goals.

And More!

Whatever your problem, we have a soultion for it. Contact us today if you are interested.

About us

We are here to support your laboratory

Labs that aren't green don't just hurt the planet. They cost you money. Budgets are tighter than ever, and your research dollars are siphoned away by your energy, water and heating bills.  Old and out-dated equipment wastes time, supplies, and even more energy. You can drop your operating overhead by more than 12% with our nonprofit’s free guidance.

It doesn't matter if you're in a lab of 2 or 200, we can help you reduce the energy, water, and consumable materials you use. Big savings for your budget and big savings for the planet.

Design personalized plans that fit your lab’s goals.
Help secure funding for new equipment
Connect with new vendors to save on waste and recycling

"From the initial conversation, to building a team and engaging in the community at large, Steve has revolutionized how we implement sustainable practices.”

Gloucester, MA

See how we are making a difference

Our mission is to remove the barriers to a more sustainable lab.

Personalized planning for each client.
Individualized training and implementation plans
Custom built Solutions and partnership development
Documenting results with i2SL & MHL certification tools
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WHY work with Lab Renew

We have helped numerous labs produce 100K tonnes less CO2  and save 25% off their energy bills.

The goal and mission behind

We create value for research labs by helping them spend more on science and less on waste.
We envision a world where research labs contribute to a circular economy. Where they don’t waste research dollar on waste.
Right now, a research lab’s carbon footprint is 10x that of a office building. A lot of this is due to out-dated equipment, incorrectly optimized electrical usage, and lack of training.

We’re going to change that.

How we got started

After 25 years in the field of energy efficiency, Steven Miller's passion for sustainability took him to Eversource, a New England utility conglomerate. There, he proposed new ways to promote and incentivize lab energy solutions that have been widely adopted in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Along the way, he learned that energy was only part of the equation and felt called to act. He founded Lab(Re)new in 2022 to help labs minimize resource consumption, reduce waste generation, and foster a culture of sustainability.

Join us and let’s make a better world, today

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